Welcome to Rudboards

You have no idea what you should do with your old yet beloved Snowboard? Throwing it away is out of the question and there’s no space left in your basement!

The solution : Upcycle your old snowboard into the longboard of your dreams!
My name is Rudolf Weber and I am going to build your custom-made Longboard! Here at Rudboards you will get a personalized longboard which comes with smooth riding skills and lots of style. Enjoy yourself, get inspired and if any questions come up just contact me.


About myself

I’m stoked that you’re interested in my work!I am Rudolf Weber, born 1985 in Rickenbach near Schwyz, Switzerland. I am a trained carpenter and a certified Swiss snowboard instructor. I have also worked as a bartender and as a roadie. My passion is board sports.

I discovered my affinity for snow at a young age. My first encounter with snowboarding was in 1997 with my family in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. I was instantly hooked and from then on, there was no turning back! The sport was young, cool and my passion for snowboarding has never stopped growing. My role models are Gian Simmen and Nicolas Müller, two very stylish snowboarders. When there was no snow, I jumped on a skateboard or longboard, my second big passion!

As a carpenter I have been able to enjoy many memorable moments of craftsmanship. I have done almost everything from repairing simple chair legs to building kitchens, doors or furniture with veneer. I love my handcraft.

In the winter of 2014 I decided to make my passion for snowboarding my profession. I made my dream come true and went up to Sedrun/Rueras in the Grisons Alps for the winter season. Rueras is a small village on the Vorderrhein with about 1450 citizens, who are very kind and open-minded. As a snowboard instructor I now get to share my passion.

In the summer of 2015 I discovered the art of upcycling. Together with three other carpenters I built a large roof terrace for the HinterhofBar in the city of Basel. I was fascinated by what was possible with upcycling! When I cleaned up my basement one weekend, next to a lot of junk I found three old snowboards, scratched and heavily used. At first I wanted to trash them all or give them away, but the idea broke my heart. With my “Sims Destiny” I had spent eight wonderful years in the mountains. So I thought about what to do. “A snowboard has a massive wooden core,” – the solution: Upcycling! So I took an old board to the workshop and drew an imaginary longboard outline on it. I cut out the form, sanded and painted the edges and mounted axles and wheels, as well as a GripTape. I jumped up, started cruising and was thrilled with the result. I realized that an old snowboard is ideal for a longboard cruiser from a technical point of view.

I was sure that I had discovered something very meaningful: sustainable upcyling of the decks that breathes new life into old beloved pieces. In 2016 I founded a sole proprietorship. My nickname Rud became the company name. The birth of Rudboards!

I, Rudolf Weber, am keen to upcycle your old snowboard to a custom longboard.
Each Rudboard is unique and hand-made by me personally. The goal of Rudboards is to recycle up to 80% of the snowboard using boards and accessories. 
I produce Rudboards in a chalet in the Swiss Alps, in Rueras in the canton of the Grisons on the Vorderrhein.